Feedback from our students and parents

“He’s now almost straight A’s. ...
The turnaround’s just been incredible!”

“My oldest child, oldest son, Isaac, he was – at best – mostly C’s and an occasional B in school. He’s been doing this for about 90 days now. He’s now almost straight A’s. He’s got one B. The turnaround’s just been incredible. I’ve got 2 boys in Mile High Karate.

My other son, Ian, as well. At best, he was about C’s and one B. Now he’s all A’s except for one B. Seeing the difference in discipline, his goals, his drive, it’s just amazing. He’s a different son. He’s a different kid.

Ian, the same thing. His grades have come up. He’s just been doing great. They’ve been doing so well in school. Now they’ve got sheets that they come with and they’ve got homework to do. And they’ve got to help out mom and dad around the house. They get their chores done. It’s working great, and we’re very proud of them.

I’ve got another boy starting next year. So we’re pretty excited. I highly recommend Mile High Karate. My wife does home child care and we found out about this through one of the boys that’s already in the school, and a black belt. So we decided that we needed to get our guys involved. So we went ahead and checked into it. They’re both advancing, and doing very well.

One of the reasons we chose Mile High Karate is we heard so many good things about it. We’re in a situation now with our guys that it’s taken their self-esteem up, their self-confidence, their grades have come up. We’re just elated with what they’ve been able to learn here at Mile High Karate.

Jim Kerlin
Father of Isaac and Ian

"She had something called transverse Myelitis. At 16 months old, she was a quadriplegic at that point. She's made a lot of progress, and now she is partiallyparalyzed from the waist down.

So the physical therapist took a look at her special needs and said, "Ballet or karate." And Jenna said, "Karate!"

Kelli Bainbridge, Littleton, CO

“I think Mile High Karate’s is absolutely
wonderful to kids.”

My son, when we were white belts, was pushed up against a dumpster while he was wearing his uniform before class. They wanted him to show karate moves and fight with them. And he told them no. He told them that karate was for defense only and that he was not going to fight them. He talked his way out of it.
But he was able to walk away with his head held high.

My oldest son has become incredibly more responsible. Last year, he hated himself, hated his life, didn’t want to do anything with anybody. And now he does his own homework, his grades have improved, the teachers are very impressed with him, he’s very helpful around the house now. He’s a totally different child in 3 months.

I think Mile High Karate’s program is absolutely wonderful to kids. It teaches the kids “yes sir,” “yes ma’am.” It teaches them respect. I’ve had a lot of parents come up to me and say what an amazing changes their kids have done.

Michelle Bowlig

“The kids who’ve been in karate here, quite a few years especially, have a presence and self-confidence well beyond their years”

We’ve noticed that Josh has been able to focus better on his school work and his homework. Mile High Karate is more than just about the karate. They focus on the kids’ positive attributes. There’s just not enough of that in the world anymore. As far as achievement in homework, they praise doing well on tests and they focus on a kids’ positive attributes.

In our case, Josh is a small boy and he’s got glasses. Actually, he doesn’t get picked on, because I think he’s got more self-confidence in himself than maybe a child who doesn’t take karate. Because that’s what they stress in classes is for them to be strong and self-confident, in control.

His confidence level has increased a lot. That’s one thing we’ve definitely noticed. We’re going on just a little over a year now, about a year and 2 months.
Mile High Karate kids are more focused and I think they behave better. For their parents, I think they obey. They have to reply to adults by saying, “Yes ma’am, yes sir.” And Josh’s teacher says that he’s doing that to her in class. Obviously, he doesn’t need to. But because he’s been trained by Mile High Karate to do that, that’s what he does.

The kids who’ve been in Mile High Karate, quite a few years especially, have a presence and self-confidence well beyond their years. We’ve already noticed that improvement in our sons, too. It’s an ability to believe in himself and have goals that far exceed his age.

We were concerned, at first, of whether or not we had the right karate school. But now, there’s no doubt in our minds that he’s in the correct school.
Like I said, the self-defense part went lower in our priority list for him when we saw how much they encourage them in school. It’s neat to see.
The higher they go, the more respect that’s there. Josh got lucky – enrolling at Mile High Karate was a great choice.

Wendy Myers & Blain Myers

"We watched these other kids from the beginning, and how good they were and how mature they acted. They had little kids that I thought were like 18, and they were like 11. It was like, "Wow! If we could have kids, that would be so great."

Gary Colebanks , Englewood, CO

“But I have seen a tremendous change in her. She is just much more self-confident and she walks ery proud.”

My name is Annie Cusack, also known as Meaghan’s mom. My daughter is almost 13 years old. And for the last 2½ years, she’s been fighting bone cancer. She was diagnosed when she was 10 years old. She was in 5th grade. And she was the perfect child. It wasn’t so perfect for a very long time. She was very sick. We thought we were going to lose her, but we didn’t. She fought very, very hard and she survived. She survived, but she lost part of her leg. She never really lost her spirit, and that’s everything that I hold onto for her and kept telling her to continue going forward.

When she was healed, she was very physically healed. But I think spiritually and mentally, she needed to heal. And for some reason, she gravitated to karate. She wanted to do karate. She wanted to be healthy. She wanted to have more balance. She wanted to be like everybody else. And she wanted to be the best that she could be. I always thought she was, but I don’t think she did.
She’s been in karate now for a few months. Maybe not even that long. But I have seen a tremendous change in her. She is just much more self-confident and she walks very proud. And that makes me very happy.

Annie Cusack

“One good thing about karate is that around the house, Chris does his chores now. He can see how he’s contributing to the family.”

About 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. And part of my therapy was to make sure I get plenty of exercise and develop a positive outlook on life. I found out by coming out by coming to Mile High Karate, I could get those things. I could come in here, get a good workout, build my muscles, work on my flexibility, my balance, and get the positive aspects from the school. So it’s been a very positive experience and a very good part of the treatment.

Chris has really developed since he’s been in Mile High Karate. He’s in the 3rd grade. When he first started karate, he was kind of shy, didn’t want to get up in front of the class. But now, after a year and a half of karate, he’s one of the top 3rd graders in the school, he’s picked for special projects by the principle herself. He has great grades and he loves school. So karate has been great for his mental ability, giving him that self-discipline and that positive confidence.

One good thing about karate is that around the house, Chris does his chores now. He can see how he’s contributing to the family. Where before, he really didn’t want to do it and he would just pass the buck and let mom and dad do it. But now, he really contributes and he realizes how he can help out.

This is a great school. I’ve been to several schools and I interviewed several before I came here. I thought this was the best. I think the instructions are great and I like the way they bring in positive aspects from all the books you have to read, the positive self-motivation you get, and the great workouts. Mile High Karate is an excellent school.

Brian Vial

“Both of us have tremendously grown from this experience.”

Both of us have tremendously grown from this experience. My self-confidence has certainly grown a lot. I’m a lot more apt to look at people when I talk to them, have more eye contact, as well as certainly the physical fitness aspect gives me the confidence to go out and do what I want to do, feel very assertive when I do it.
My son, as well, is in daycare and has a lot more confidence than he has in the past in terms of talking to teachers, having a lot of respect with that. This happened very quickly. We’re about 5 months into the program.

These people are really friendly people. They’re very, very accepting of everyone. Even when we started, we weren’t exactly sure what we were getting ourselves into, but they were very accepting and worked with us, and were very patient with us. That’s very important. I would recommend it very highly to anybody wanting to get their kids into a program, as well as themselves, as adults, for physical fitness as well as the confidence.

Traci Johnson

“She walks with her head held high now, she makes friends very easily, and it’s a confidence that’s not arrogant.”

I originally got the kids involved in karate just as an extracurricular activity. It’s turned into a lot more than that. It’s turned into more of a lifestyle for them. And especially with my shy girl. Karate has taught her a magnitude of self-confidence. She walks with her head held high now, she makes friends very easily, and it’s a confidence that’s not arrogant. It’s just a really strong sense of herself.

Brittany, the same. She really was probably more confident than Anna. She’s learned how to be confident without being arrogant. She’s the pretty girl and she knew it, and everyone treated her as such. And now with karate, with the confidence level that she has, she’s able to generate confidence without having to be the princess of everybody. So karate is just amazing.
He’s very confident in himself and his skills. And karate has taught him how to be disciplined.

It’s a life-changing thing, it’s not just learning how to punch and kick. It’s a way of life. If I have anything to say about it, we will be in karate forever.

Lisa Taylor

“And I decided if they can do it, I can do it.”

I came to watch Lisa on her first day of class. And as I was sitting there watching them, I noticed that there were several other women on the floor for their first class, and they appeared to be my age or older. And I decided if they can do it, I can do it. With my busy, hectic schedule, helping raise grandchildren and children and teenagers, I was trying to figure out some way I could get some physical activity in my life. And I figured, “Well, I’m here with the grandkids 3 times a week anyway, so why not kill 2 birds with one stone. And now, my sons are telling their friends that their mom is going to be one of those moms their friends are going to want to come see.

Cheryl Mulhouser

“I would say that it’s worth anything that you’re looking for to help the self-esteem with your kids, any discipline, helping in school.”

My daughter had very low self-esteem. And ever since I brought her here, she feels a lot better about herself, she’s doing a lot better in school. So I just thought this would be one of the good reasons to help her in that way.
I like the discipline. That was the main reason I wanted to come. But all in all, she enjoys everything. She enjoys it all. She feels a lot better about herself. She likes the different people that she’s met. She likes that she has a goal to become a black belt. And she does good every time she comes. She gets better every time she comes.

I would say that you get what you pay for. I would say that it’s worth anything that you’re looking for to help the self-esteem with your kids, any discipline, helping in school. I would say it really does work. It’s helped my daughter a lot, in every way.

Laurie Spradley

“It has done absolute wonders for him. He’s doing a lot better in school. He’s got a lot more focus and a lot better attention span than he did before.”

I feel that Mile High Karate has been really wonderful for both of us. Not only are we growing closer together on a daily basis, we have a common interest and a common goal now.

In myself, I have seen an improvement in self-esteem. I’ve seen a tremendous improvement with my son, with his self-esteem. It has done absolute wonders for him. He’s doing a lot better in school. He’s got a lot more focus and a lot better attention span than he did before.

I think it’s great that Justin has learned. He actually had an incident on the playground where he was surrounded by a bunch of other kids. He wanted to start a fight with them. And Justin, at that point, looked them, since he was in the center of the circle, and said, “I’m sorry, but you leave me no choice but to defend myself.” At that point, he got into a karate stance, the kids separated from the circle and let him walk off. At that point, he was able to walk away and not join in the fight. Where I believe if he had not taken karate, a fight would have begun.

I would highly recommend Mile High Karate to any adult, as well as a child. For adults, I’ve highly considered going to an aerobics class. I found karate to be not only challenging as far as exercise, I get a lot more exercise here at Mile High Karate. I’m also learning self-defense, self-esteem and self-control.

Amber Plies

“But now that I’ve learned karate, I’ve learned to use it in self-defense only.”

Before I joined, I was getting into fights all the time. I was getting picked on and no one would leave me alone. Before, I wasn’t avoiding the fights. When they started pushing, I just pushed them right back. But now that I’ve learned karate, I’ve learned to use it in self-defense only.

Amber Plies’ Son

“The first time she came in, she was very shy, didn’t want to go anywhere near the front. That has changed drastically”

That seems to have improved a lot since Heather started karate. She’s very confident when she comes to class. The first time she came in, she was very shy, didn’t want to go anywhere near the front. That has changed drastically. She’s very comfortable when she comes in and very confident in the moves that she’s making, and it’s been a lot of fun watching her from the very beginning, where she learned the basic punches, to using the sticks. It’s been a good experience.

She’s always been really good at school. She enjoys bringing in her work when she gets A’s and A+’s. That’s one good thing about the program here is that they really promote that and recognize the kids when they bring in their good work. I think that helps motivate them to continue doing that.

Another thing that I’ve really noticed a big difference in, they have a job list for the kids to fill out as far as cleaning their rooms or helping out around the house. That’s a good motivator. She likes to pull that list out and check it off when she’s done it. And once again, they get recognized for it when they come in.

Eileen Carasella

“The kids’ respect has gone way up using yes sir and yes ma’am.”

The kids’ respect has gone way up using yes sir and yes ma’am. Being focused at school, my oldest daughter, her grades are really maintained. She’s proud to come to the Mile High Karate school and show off her homework, show off her great report cards that she’s been getting, and she’s inspiring enough to where her little sister has joined the class, and she’s doing really well and focusing on the same discipline at home, keeping the room clean, things like just natural chores around the house.

They’re both so respectful now. Even the 3-year-old, she says, “Yes ma’am, no ma’am, yes sir.” They take pride in coming to karate and showing off what great things they’ve done at home and what great things she’s done at school and at daycare. It’s been really nice. We just ask them to do something and it’s just, “Yes, ma’am,” and they do it. And they’ve both inspired me to join as well. It’s been a nice family activity for all of us. Like my husband said, it’s a family atmosphere. It’s fun. They make it so much fun for the kids that it’s like the attitudes here are so contagious that you just feel so good being here. They’ve become like family to us. We moved several miles away from the school and continue to come down here because of the high-quality instructors and just the great time that the kids have here, and how nice everybody’s been.

Star Sager

My oldest started and the instructors are really good. They give you a nice family atmosphere and make you feel real comfortable. So then I joined, and then soon after, my wife and my youngest joined.

Sean Sager

“They’re really into karate and their focus has become outrageous and their grades have been excellent from school.”

They have become very disciplined. They weren’t rotten before, but they had their moments. But now they love karate and they tell you to do it 2 days a week, at least. They’ve been doing it for a couple years. They’re really into karate and their focus has become outrageous and their grades have been excellent from school. I’m here 6 days a week.

It’s great for the kids. I would tell them to come to Stephen Oliver’s Mile High Karate. The parent’s are nice, it’s like a good family group here. We’re here 6 days a week instead of 2. So that’s how much they like it. It’s like, “Do we go to karate today?” “Yes.” So we’ve got our gear in the car at all times and we’re ready to go.

Debbie English

“I do it so they can get confidence in themselves.”

They’ve been improving quite a bit here at martial arts and I’m really proud of them. They’re doing real good in school. She’s got good grades. He’s got good grades, so does she. My boy, Michael, is in here too. He’s 16 years old. He’s doing real good in school. He’s doing great here at martial arts school. I do it so they can get confidence in themselves. I think confidence is the most important thing in life, I think. That way, they can accomplish what they want in life. I think that’s really important. I’d recommend Mile High Karate real highly.

Mr. Rodriguez

“Their ability to think and concentrate, to pay attention to detail, it’s all been phenomenal for them.”

I think it’s interesting that martial arts hasn’t gotten more positive press, because of the innumerable benefits that I’ve seen in my kids. Confidence, control, ability to focus, things that transfer into the classroom, things that transfer with their friends.

I know this summer in baseball, the coach specifically said, “Zack, I really appreciate you being a leader,” and he was. He was focusing the guys, telling them what to do. So I’ve seen it transfer into other areas, academically, even with his friends in the neighborhood, being a leader. Same with Maddie. It’s really helped her, too. She’s an advanced reader, an advanced studier, good concentration skills. So it’s been phenomenal for my family. We’ve been in for about 4 years now, and it’s been great.

The thing that I noticed so much is their ability to concentrate, to focus, the memorization skills that you have to have. We have words at the belt that we memorize at each belt level. It transfers over. Their ability to think and concentrate, to pay attention to detail, it’s all been phenomenal for them.
You see the day and age of what’s going on today with people, and the crazy society that we have, that I feel a lot better about them being able to defend themselves. These kids do so well compared to the other kids.

I love the conflict avoidance skills that they learn and the confidence in the way they carry themselves, so that hopefully they never have to get to that self-defense point. But if they do, I feel comfortable they’d be able to handle themselves.
I would highly recommend Master Stephen Oliver’s Mile High Karate. It’s been phenomenal for us, individually and as a family.

Duane Knight

“She has exhibited such exuberance in school. Her grades have gone up. She’s got self-confidence.”

My name is Larry Bowser, my wife Daphne, my older daughter Leann, my youngest daughter Corey. We got into Mile High Karate about 2½ years ago, at an after-school program. Since Corey got into the program, she has exhibited such exuberance in school. Her grades have gone up. She’s got self-confidence. Since she’s been in the program, my wife has gotten involved. And since my wife has gotten involved, our older daughter has gotten involved.

With the aspect of self-defense, it’s been a great thing. There’s a lot of deals in our society today. For the females in my family, it’s great. I feel that their confident, they can take care of themselves, look out after others, take care of their friends.

Larry Bowser

“It has built her self-confidence, where she really wants to try her best and focuses.”

Our oldest daughter, when she started her freshman year, she was very, very shy and did not apply herself in school whatsoever. That’s about the time that she started in karate. It has built her self-confidence, where she really wants to try her best and focuses. It’s a great focus learning tool and she’s really done very well. She’s brought her grades up.

And we’re not afraid to be out there, walk back to the car from the mall. It’s really made us feel safe and secure. Mile High Karate has really been a great thing for us as a family. It’s been a great thing for us to do together.

I would recommend Mile High Karate. This is a place where kids can develop themselves. They develop themselves socially and developmentally. It’s a great family place to be. They meet a lot of friends, a lot of different things, and they learn to interact with people a lot.

Daphne Bowser

“I would definitely recommend Mile High Karate.”

I enjoy Mile High Karate. It’s a great family to be a part of. There is a lot of camaraderie here. It’s a positive atmosphere to be involved in. My kids are more confident. They are very motivated to do well in school. They now do very well in school. I think that the recognition here at Mile High, it goes beyond just self-defense. Also, the mental aspect of doing well in school, building positive self-esteem, character, there’s assignments that are discussed, and I think that that helps the kids. When they get recognized by their peers when they come into class with their good report card, or maybe a test that they did well on or a project that they did well on, not only does the teacher recognize them but they’re recognized in front of the whole school. I think that’s very important for building self-esteem and being recognized by their peers.

My kids get up in front of the class with ease, probably even more so than myself. Danny, I hear from his teacher, that he’s like one of the first ones to raise his hand. He had no problem in communicating in front of the classroom.

Rachel, she helps out here at Mile High Karate and I watched her just the other night, she was really enjoying herself just being in a teaching atmosphere, working with the kids. And I just really felt proud of her, that she didn’t have to be out playing, hanging out with her friends anywhere. She was doing something positive in her life and really enjoying it.

I would definitely recommend Mile High Karate. It’s healthy for the whole family. The whole family is involved. You build your strength, your stamina. You obviously get self-defense skills. You build your mental character. So you’re a strong person and you may be mentally more apt to get away from having to use some of the skills that you learned than just learning kicking and punching.

Cheryl Rogers

“As a program for kids, it’s absolutely wonderful.”

We’ve got 2 boys in here. My oldest boy, when we moved to a new house in a new neighborhood, found he was catching a lot of flack from the other kids. So some of the anti-bullying things that are taught in school have really come in handy. And, in fact, one time there was a kid who actually came up and picked a fight with him. And he was able to use the second part of his creed to refuse to fight. Otherwise, he would have gotten in big trouble in school. So that was a big impact on him was to be able to just walk away and have enough self-confidence to say, “I don’t need to fight with this kid, because I know I could take him if I had to.”

In fact, I have recommended Mile High Karate to my friends, so I recommended Mile High Karate and said, “As a program for kids, it’s absolutely wonderful.” I really couldn’t speak highly enough of it. So she came and her son fit right in, and I think he’s up to orange belt now.

Matt Cozak

“A lot more respect, a lot more discipline.”

We’re here as a family. So I think it keeps us together so we get just a lot of the wholesome aspect of being together. A lot more respect, a lot more discipline. He acts a lot more grown-up. I just come and watch. I enjoy watching. He does really good in school and goes to a school where there’s a lot of discipline at school too, so it helps.

Cheryl Chang

“I can’t just sit here. I’ve got to do this with him.”

I had no idea I was going to do this. When we first came in here, it was for Nathan, and we signed him up. And after about the second week, I was sitting on the sideline going, “I can’t just sit here. I’ve got to do this with him.” So that’s why we’re both in it together. It’s a father/son thing. It’s not often that you can do something together with your son that he enjoys and you enjoy, and you do it as a group instead of doing your own thing. So it’s nice that way.

We’ve recommended Mile High Karate to a number of people. So it’s a great school It really is. The instructors are good and they’re real good with kids, and they’re real good with the old guys, like me. So it’s a nice place. It’s a good family-oriented place to be.

Tom Chang

“I would say it’s a very nurturing, caring place”

Ben’s been in Mile High Karate for about 3 years. We really like it. We think it’s been really good for his self-confidence. He’s made a lot of new friends. What I like about it is you’re competing with yourself. It’s not like you’re competing on a sports team against other people. The people here are all very caring and they all work together. It’s a blend of their minds and their bodies. It’s physical, mental and spiritual. We like it.

I’d say this has also helped his focus and I think it’s helped him learn what goal-setting is about.

I would say it’s a very nurturing, caring place. And it will teach your kids a lot of things other than karate. But he’s also learned a lot, his physical skills have improved too in the last 3 years, a lot. He couldn’t pass a physical fitness test 3 years ago, and now he can. It’s helped him to be less bashful and more outgoing. It’s helped him learn how to make new friends.

Cheryl Tosley

“We were really referred from his physician, because we were told ADHD kids should take karate.”

We’ve been here almost 2 years. We were really referred from his physician, because we were told ADHD kids should take karate, and it’s been the best. It’s been really, really good. Self-control, motivating, he always wants to come here. Number one is for focus for ADHD kids, to get them to focus. And that’s been really, really good. If I had known that, I would have taken him in years before that. I didn’t know. I didn’t know until he came to Mile High Karate. It’s been wonderful.

I enjoy it. I think all the kids are just more motivated. It builds them up and they want to come back, and they do better in school. I would recommend Mile High Karate for anybody. I love watching it. I could sit here for days watching kids do it.

Debra Wesgate

The biggest benefit that I have seen for Jeremy – and we have 2 other children in it – is the confidence,
The biggest benefit that I have seen for Jeremy – and we have 2 other children in it – is the confidence, being able to do school and reaction in school has helped tremendously. Jeremy has gone all the way up to third degree black belt and started at 9 years old, and has stuck with it for that many years, which is a lot. It’s a big commitment for a kid. So we see commitment, we see school work, we see the good kids at home. We don’t have problems at home.

Tim Cooper

“It’s helped our confidence, speaking ability, self-esteem, kind of believing in myself, self-worth.”

I’m head instructor at the Lafayette school. Like my father said, it’s helped our confidence, speaking ability, self-esteem, kind of believing in myself, self-worth. I can remember when I started, I look back on it and I look at myself now, I see the changes. The advantage of being head instructor is I get to see that to the kids I’m teaching now. I see the changes in them from when they come in to when they leave. It’s fulfilling.

The satisfying part of it, for me, is when I see a kid come in and a parent come in, and mom and dad having trouble with their son or daughter and, “Here, Mr. Cooper, can you take care of my kid? Can you help him?” And after 4 weeks, that kid looks awesome, turned around, happy to be in karate, happy to go home, does his stuff for mom and dad, has a smile on his face, and enjoys doing it. And when they come to karate ready to learn, that’s what’s fulfilling for me.

Jeremy Cooper

“This one, they really care about your kids.”

Focus and respect. Tyler respects adults a lot, and he always says please and thank you, opens doors for people, picks up trash when he’s out on the street. Tyler’s been doing this almost 2 years. He’s very confident. He has a lot of endurance. He’s amazing. I didn’t know he could do as much as he does. Just when I think he’s going to quit, he keeps going. He never quits.

At Mile High Karate they really care about your kids. They take time out and try to teach your kids and make them better. And if I have problems or anything, they’ve got little ways to solve those problems, to help the kids get through things. A very good experience. We’re here all the time.

Betsy Walker

“I think I’ve gotten a lot of self-esteem and I’ve learned to meet other people a lot better than I’ve been. I’ve gotten better grades.”

I think I’ve gotten a lot of self-esteem and I’ve learned to meet other people a lot better than I’ve been. I’ve gotten better grades. It taught me to be able to do speeches in front of classes. I’m in high school. It’s helped me get better grades by having more focus in class, being able to do speeches, talking in front of people, and getting to know a bunch of people.

To learn how to respect the elders and to be able to find self-defense, too, and to do better in school. This is so much fun. Our instructors have a way of doing it that it’s really family-oriented, so we have lots of fun.

Effie Home

“The bullying has since stopped.”

Kids were picking on her, bullying on her. And basically, we’ve taught our kids not to start a fight, but not to back down from one. And she felt that she did not know how to defend herself correctly or even help herself.

So basically, it came down to the point where the last incident with a girl at school, she came home with a swollen cheek. And that’s when my husband decided to look for a self-defense class, and she started. We came into Mile High Karate. We took the first entry level classes, and actually all of us are here now. My husband, myself and my 2 kids.

The bullying has since stopped. My daughter has more self-discipline. She feels confident about herself. Her grades have improved. Any issues that come up, she can solve them. And my son here is the same way. His grades have improved. They’re all doing a lot better, and I honestly feel that a lot of it has to do with being here at Mile High Karate.

Actually, we tell them if they need self-discipline, their kids need confidence, they need something to help them focus on their goals, that they should come to Mile High Karate and see what they have to offer. It sure helped our family.

Frances Madden

“As soon as I got in here, they noticed a change in me, drastically”

I’ve been doing this about 11 years, since I was 10 years old. My parents noticed it right away, from when I was a white belt. Before I wouldn’t clean my room, I wouldn’t do the dishes or anything. And then as soon as I got in here, they noticed a change in me, drastically. My confidence got up and I’m able to talk to people more so now than I was back then. I’m not as scared. It’s a blast.

Matt Young

“Since Mile High Karate, she’s an excellent student”

We started back in 1989. The girls started first. Brandon came later. When we first got started, especially Natasha, she always wanted to fight. She always wanted to be the bully. She always wanted to be the one to talk out in class. Teachers could never get her to settle down.

Since Mile High Karate, she’s an excellent student. Laquita is alot better than Natasha, she’s coming along very, very well. So Mile High Karate has done a lot for the whole family.

Personally, if I had not gotten the girls in karate when we did, I have no idea where they would have been. I have no idea, because the way the kids were going at that time, I said, “Man, we need something.” Discipline, confidence, focus, especially focus in school.

But now we have Brandon, Brandon is 7. He also started at 3½. At 7, he’s a role model in school. Teachers can’t say anything but good stuff about Brandon. Every time I look around, he’s got all these A’s. He probably can read better than I can right now, at 7.

Laquita, she gave me one of those little green keychains and she said, “Daddy, here’s a green keychain. It’s like a black belt, because you’ll never be one.” I remember talking to their head instructor at the time. I said, “I’m ready to get started.” And he said, “Let me give you a uniform before you change your mind.” So he gave a uniform and I went to Laquita, she was about 5 now, and I said, “Look, Laquita, I’m a white belt.” She said, “No, daddy, you are no belt. You have to earn your white belt.” So that’s how I got started.
Brandon is a great kid. He can kick above his head. As far as getting along with adults and kids, he’s an outstanding kid. I don’t think I could have given him that without Mile High Karate.

Robert Lewis

“I think it’s helped me out in school a lot.”

I think it’s helped me out in school a lot. I think it’s helped me focus better, get my confidence level up to approach the teachers and talk to the other students to make new friends. No one even knows I’m in karate.

Laquita Lewis

“I think by being in karate, I’ve been in the best shape of my life. No doubt.”

Originally, I really wanted to get started in karate because I wanted an exercise program, plus I wanted to learn self-defense. So it’s given me both. And I think by being in karate, I’ve been in the best shape of my life. No doubt. Kathy Lewis
“So it’s not just all about punching and kicking, it’s more life-long lessons that they can learn as well.”

I’ve been training at Mile High Karate about 7½ years. I think with my energy, I can get out there and let them know it doesn’t matter how big or how small, you can go out there and do karate. It gives me energy, it gives me a sense of staying in shape. An excellent workout, that kind of thing.

I think in the long run, it has, just because of the fact that I don’t worry about what situation I get myself into or that kind of deal. You’re always kind of aware of the situation. For me, I just try not to get myself at the wrong place at the wrong time kind of deal. If I did, I would just kind of survey it and make sure if I had to use skills, that I know I’d be able to handle myself.

When students come to Mile High Karate, especially families with little kids, like “Hey dad, I want to come do karate,” that kind of thing, I tell them it’s like if you come down to Mile High Karate, you’ll get a lot of benefit from coming in. Because not only do they teach you how to punch and kick, but they teach you little life lessons during the week. And like a message of the week kind of deal. So they have something they can go by, like positive self-esteem. We give them that meaning and then they work on it all week long.

So if they say, “Hey Johnny, what’s positive self-esteem,” he can raise his hand and give a definition. So it’s not just all about punching and kicking, it’s more life-long lessons that students learn as well.

Matt Smith

Basically, I started karate when we saw this at a Boy Scout jamboree. My parents liked it. They talked my grandparents into it. They signed up for confidence, self-esteem, discipline, respect.
Once I got to blue belt, they started putting me in a leadership role, where I had to project my voice, be confident in front of students.
It helped my grades. They increased dramatically after I signed up.

Nick French

“I’m a lot better of a person that I’ve had martial arts”

A lot of confidence, discipline, that’s what we teach around here. I’ve gotten a lot out of it. I’ve been doing martial arts for 20 years now. I started when I was 5. I’ve got a lot of self-confidence, discipline. I’m a lot better of a person that I’ve had martial arts. I’m not always on the edge to fight. I can try to talk my way out of it and back down a little bit. I had a tendency to get in trouble, to go into the fight instead of back out of the fight. I was more “I want to fight you” instead of “I want to try and back out.” And now that I have that, I can walk away and know that I’m a bigger man because I did.

I tell people it’s a great workout. We like to build your self-confidence. We like to give you the discipline. We show you how to defend yourself, if you have to. We have a thing called ABC’s conflict avoidance. We show you how to try to avoid all that. If you get into a conflict, we sit there and we try to show you how to get away from it instead of getting into it.

But for people to be joining, it’s a great thing because it gets you in shape, it works on your flexibility, it works on a lot of your confidence and self-discipline.

Jason Keiser

“He’s just doing awesome.”

We’ve been in Mile High Karate for 8 years now with our son. He joined in 3rd grade and he went anywhere from C’s and B’s to where now he is getting straight A’s and he’s number 3 in his high school junior class. And he’s just doing awesome.

We would put most of the credit to Mile High Karate for the improvements that have happened. I had a 6th grade teacher call me up one time and he said, “Ben comes in, he opens up his book and starts reading.” He just couldn’t believe it. He says, “Why is he like that?” I said, “Well, because of Mile High Karate.” And then I said, “Do you know that he has ADHD, which is hyperactivity?” He says, “I wouldn’t have guessed.” He had that much self-discipline to be able to sit there and everybody else was just going around and not able to focus. And he was sitting there and reading a book and doing what he’s supposed to do.

I think one of the best things with Mile High Karate is when he was a child, 8 years old when he started, he was interacting with adults and he was interacting with children younger than him. And as he grew up, he started to become more mature. And he was just growing and he’s just this incredible person that everybody likes. They just enjoy him. We do credit karate, Mile High Karate.
I wish I could recommend as many as we can. In fact, we’ve told them if you want any parents to speak up, we would. And now, our daughter’s even in karate now. We started her and she signed up. She’s going second-degree, just like what he is.

Larry Keeser

It’s a long time and a lot of driving back and forth, but it’s worth every minute of it. We really enjoy the benefits that he’s gotten from karate. In 3rd grade, his teacher told him he can’t do better than C work, and that’s okay. That’s average. And we thought, “Well, we’re not going to worry about her.” But we started him on Ritalin and karate. By the time he was in junior high he could really focus. Soon he decided he could do the work without the Ritalin. He hasn’t taken it for years now. Like he said, a straight A student and taking advanced placement classes.
When he first started saying he would be interested in karate, we did a couple of the community school type of programs, just summer things here and there. They could teach him the moves, but we thought when we could see that he was going to stick to it, we better get serious and get a class at Mile High Karate that would do the character development along with the kicking and punching and stuff like that. I think that’s been the best benefit.

However, the kicking and punching and that confidence really helped him in junior high with handling bullies. He never had to fight with anybody. In fact, he told us one time a kid tried to start something with him and he just kind of looked at him and laughed. So that helped with that, the confidence for that.

Vaughn Keeser

“I think what really sold me on this program was I watched my 5-year-old really mature and his ability to focus and set goals”

I have my husband and my 10-year-old boy and a 6-year-old boy, who are all doing karate. My husband and my 10-year-old started about 5 years ago, and they’re both black belts. My husband’s a second-degree and my 10-year-old is a first degree purple-stripe. My youngest started just a little bit ago. He’s 6. He started when he was about 5, and that’s about the same time my 10-year-old had started.
I think what really sold me on this program was I watched my 5-year-old really mature and his ability to focus and set goals. We watched the short-term goals and the long-term goals, that I think is really something that Mile High Karate is really good at focusing in on and giving the kids a sense of you’re not just going from this belt to this belt to this belt, but the big picture is I think that really helped. I think that’s something that you tend to be kind of short-sighted and kids go for short goals a lot and then never really see the big picture. And I think that they really do a good job of that here at Mile High Karate.

My son’s a good student. Both of them are good students. My little guy’s in 1st grade already, so academics is really becoming part of his life, too. I think mostly for the little guys, when they’re starting younger – everybody starts at a different age – mine started when they were kindergarten age, and I think there’s a developmental issue in terms of focus and attention span. But I think it really has helped them sort of expedite that process a little bit. They’ve got a sense of maturity in the classroom. They’ve got more poise. They feel confident in themselves. I think it’s all rolled into one. It’s really a nice part of their personality and their character result and it brings itself into the school by them feeling good and confident. Their self-esteem is good. I think Mile High Karate helps kids with their grades, if they’re feeling good about themselves.

So a lot of different components there. It’s not just attention span. I know we talked a lot about that. But I think there are other things involved here.

I recommend Stephen Oliver’s Mile High Karate all the time. I have lots of parents that, when they learn my boys both do karate, they have some preconceived notions about karate that I think I oftentimes have to explain a little bit about. They think they’re out there fighting and they’re going to fight in school, and they’re going to do all these things. I tend to have a lot of conversations about it. I’ve actually had some of my son’s friends come in and they’ve done the program and really have enjoyed it. So Mile High Karate, Stephen Oliver’s program, I really recommend.

Marie Emery
Ph.D. Child Psychologist

“Most of all, for me, it’s the family thing.”

He’s done really good with his discipline. When I first brought him here, he was having a little trouble in that area. But he’s doing a lot better now and he has a great attention span now. He’s focusing better.

The best part of this program for me is that I joined with him, and I get to enjoy a sport with him. Usually, it’s the dads playing baseball or football or something. But now I can enjoy it as a mom and son. I’m a gold belt.

It’s been a great workout for me. It keeps me in shape. It gave me a lot more confidence, self-defense. I love it. He’s been here a year.
I would recommend it for your child for his self-esteem and to keep him motivated. Most of all, for me, it’s the family thing. We’re trying to get dad to come too, so we can all do something as a family. I love that part of it the most.

Linda Lombardo

“I would recommend Stephen Oliver’s Mile High Karate to any parent”

I have 2 children here. I have a 10-year-old son, Alex, and my daughter Molly, she’s 6. She entered kindergarten last year and was having great difficulty dealing with the kids. She just felt overwhelmed. The teacher was talking about her self-esteem. She said she’s a bright girl, but she wasn’t applying herself. She wasn’t trying. She didn’t have confidence.

So we saw the flyer for Stephen Oliver’s Mile High Karate and we brought her in. And in a matter of about 2 months, we saw a big change in her self-esteem. She started being able to converse with other kids, problem-solve when conflicts came up, just major, major difference. And what it was, was coming 2 and 3 times a week to karate and being reinforced here with the instructors. Their techniques of, “Molly, you can do it, Molly, I know you can do this, just keep trying, you can do it,” and encouraging her every time. “You can do it. Keep going.” So we’ve seen the most change with self-esteem with our daughter Molly.

We were worried about reading because that takes a lot of confidence to do that, too. And she’s picked up with her reading list since first grade now, and she’s doing just fine.

I would recommend Stephen Oliver’s Mile High Karate to any parent, whether they’re having trouble with their students in school or whether they want to give their kids a sport, something to look forward to. There is a commitment for the kids to be able to work on long-term goals, not just short-term.

Judy Hunt

“The most important reason is you should get a child in Mile High Karate definitely is the focus.

I started off with Mile High Karate 18 years ago. My parents made me start karate. I didn’t really want to, but they made me start karate. I was a kid who had self-esteem challenges. I was really withdrawn, kind of quiet. My parents took me down to a couple of classes. I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. I did karate all through elementary school, middle school, high school. I worked my way through college doing it. After college, I decided this was what I wanted to do, continued training, and became an instructor. It’s a great thing. It’s helped me in my career, it helps me in my family, it helps me in my everyday endeavors. The self-esteem and the confidence.

The coolest thing in the world is to have one of my kids come back to me from college and now been married and say, “Mr. Brown, when you were teaching me 5, 6, 7 years ago, you helped me so much.” That’s the best feeling in the world.
I think I’m a product of the product. And I think that’s how all of the instructors are. All the instructors are home-grown, so we practice what we preach. Since we’re practicing the product, obviously we teach success, focus and discipline. Hopefully, all of us are successful, focused and disciplined. When you have home-grown instructors, these are people who have been through the growing, through the discipline, through the focus. They understand how the translation of paying attention to your instructor and learning karate techniques translates into getting that raise at work or getting the better raise. Once you stand up in front of a class and say your name and perform a technique, that gives you the same courage it does to stand up in front of a class and do a dissertation or a report, or anything of that nature. And with all of our instructors growing up, doing this over 5, 10, 15, 20 years, they’re able to teach it. They practice what they teach.

The most important reason is you should get a child in Mile High Karate definitely is the focus. It focuses on very broad subjects, with a focus on grades, a focus on paying attention, focus on yourself. When I say on yourself, not being arrogant but learning how to find out what your strong qualities are and how to set those forward, find out what your weaknesses are and how to build upon those. Those definitely would be the main reasons I’d put a child in Mile High Karate.

Master Frank Brown, Instructor

“The thing that I’ve noticed the most is their sense of responsibility that they’ve achieved”

Both of our boys are black belts. We have two sons, one’s 13 and one’s 11. The thing that I’ve noticed the most is their sense of responsibility that they’ve achieved. At karate class, they have to be responsible for their commitment.
There’s a lot of specific benefits, like better grades and self-confidence and those sorts of things. But I think they stem also from the fact of being in Mile High Karate, your kids are with the kind of people that you want your kids to be with. At Mile High Karate we’re surrounded by nice people, good kids, all share the same kinds of values for their children. That’s the best part of this.
I think one of the benefits that the kids have seen is they’ve been able to see their parents work hard. And maybe their parents struggle with something or their parents not having the ability to do a jump kick like they can do. And in turn, they get to cheer us on as we always cheer them on in life. But they get to see us work really hard.

There’ve been times when I’ve actually gone to my 11-year-old and asked his advice or asked him to help me with some of my karate. It’s not often that an 11-year-old is able to help his parent that way. And that’s got to be wonderful for his self-esteem. And I enjoy doing it.

In addition to learning martial arts, the thing that I really look for is the character-building. The character development. Not everybody’s going to have a really great jump, 360 kick. I can’t. But I sure can condition myself and achieve my own goals. The same for my children. But in the children, it develops their character and discipline. And that’s a big, big part of Mile High Karate, not just what their kicks and their punches look like to me. And this program that Master Oliver’s established is excellent.

One of the thing that Stephen Oliver has been able to do is he has developed an organization that’s big enough, so that we can do a wide variety of things. But we’ve never lost the family value and the family feeling that’s so important to us. He’s allowed people to excel within areas that they excel in and contribute to the whole organization. It’s been a joy to be able to not only admit to that, but to feel that I’m committed back too, by the organization and by Master Oliver and the instructors.

Leslie and Dean Bagley

“That’s one of the reasons we came into Mile High Karate is I give my kids every tool I can to succeed in life.”

That’s one of the reasons we came into Mile High Karate is I give my kids every tool I can to succeed in life. He was 5 years old at the time when he came in. He really enjoyed it. His self-esteem grew. His focus grew, also. And at the same time, as he’s been going through school, there’s a quality that he’s got now that we didn’t even expect. It’s a leadership skill, which has really been great for him.
He enjoys all his teachers, all his subjects. He enjoys going to school, which is quite a change from when I was in school. I attribute a lot of it to Mile High. Your kids need positive activities. And Mile High gives them that activity that I think all kids need.

I get to be with my son. It’s a challenge for myself. When I started with Mile High Karate, I wasn’t sure if I could go all the way to black belt. I wasn’t sure if I’d go as far as I have. But I’ve learned to enjoy the challenge and it’s a great workout. I plan on staying in as long as I physically can.

I would recommend Mile High Karate to everybody and then some. To adults and to children. It’s just not for kids, it’s for everyone. It’s a learning experience, not only physically and in the martial arts part, but it’s a learning experience mentally which I’ve enjoyed.

Tony Morton

“It doesn’t matter the age, anybody can do it.”

When she started, she was very shy, very quiet, low self-esteem. She’s now above all of that. Her self-esteem is wonderful in the classroom. Not only in the classroom, but at home also. Her grades have come up, her self-esteem’s come up. Mile High Karate’s done that for her.

It’s done a lot for me, also, weight-wise, stress-wise. I like working out with her. It’s great to do something as a family. It doesn’t matter the age, anybody can do it. It’s great, like I said, for the stress, for the kids.

Grace Busey

“It’s taught her respect for her parents,
respect for elders.”

I’ve got my daughter here, she’s 8 years old. It’s taught her respect for her parents, respect for elders. I truly appreciate that she knows the words “sir,” “ma’am.” That’s something you don’t hear from young children anymore. She does her school work without having to remind her. Something else, with the world situation it is today, with the people out there that are praying on children, I feel if she’s got a 10th of a second of time, it may help. If it helps, this is all well worth it.

Brittany Tobias

As far as discipline goes, they’ve done very good. They’re very respectful and I appreciate it very much. It’s done wonders for them.

Nellie Huff

“It’s just been a wonderful thing for both of my boys.”

I have 2 sons, they are high red belts. . We originally got our oldest one in for self-defense. The way he carried himself, he needed some self-defense. And now he carries himself with so much more self-confidence and self-esteem, self-defense is not even an issue. Mile High Karate’s been a wonderful thing for both of my boys.

Sandy Vallencia

“I guess one of the things that surprised me is the focus on discipline, self-respect, rather than on fighting and the other attributes that come to mind when you think of karate.”

My son’s a low brown belt. He’s been in the program for a little over 2 years. I guess one of the things that surprised me is the focus on discipline, self-respect, rather than on fighting and the other attributes that come to mind when you think of karate. It’s a little bit like Boy Scouts in that regard. Very good characteristics that are stressed. He’s developed very well. I’m very happy with it.

Eric Scott

“What it’s done is I think it’s helped him a lot with confidence and he structures their time in a productive kind of way.”

What it’s done is I think it’s helped him a lot with confidence and he structures their time in a productive kind of way and allows him to be around other kids that are not necessarily in our part of town, but other schools and stuff. So it allows them all to focus a lot on different kinds of values that people are going to need to develop as they get older. So the sooner they start and they get reinforced for that, that will be for them as they grow older. They’re going to meet up with different temptations as they grow up, and they have a solid background with it now. I think that’s what we’re really pleased with a lot, as well as just seeing them physically develop and mature and use it in productive ways.

Mr. McCoy

“They’re doing better in school, as well. I think the confidence is the biggest thing.”

A lot more confidence in themselves. They’re doing better in school, as well. I think the confidence is the biggest thing. They have more confidence in themselves. But they’ve been Karate for 2½ years. I’m pleased with Mile High Karate.

Jonathan Nazinsky

There’s more self-esteem. He’s very confident in himself. He is very outgoing. I like the discipline, the structure that helps him to stay focused.

Mrs. Lawler

I would have to say mostly the self-control. He has a bit of a temper problem. Self-control. Now he can hold it in and do something productive with it. He’s going to be a black belt in May.

Mrs. Hanson

“It’s definitely helped his focus and self-esteem.”

I have a little one that just started when she was 5. My son started when he was 10. Mile High Karate has definitely helped his focus and self-esteem. They’re not very confident at first, when they get into a belt and everything is new, but then they build their confidence by coming to events like this.

Susan McIntosh

“It’s been the greatest thing I’ve done for myself, and I know my son loves it too.”

It’s the funnest thing I’ve ever done. I got into it kicking and screaming. I took my son to enroll for introductory classes. The head instructor came up and said, “So are you just going to sit here for the next 4 years?” I have learned such self-esteem, self-control. I work downtown and I’ve been in a couple of situations where I thought, “What would I do if I had to protect myself?” The self-defense that you have at every class at Mile High Karate, they teach us workable self-defense that men, women, children can do. It’s been the greatest thing I’ve done for myself, and I know my son loves it too.

I recommend this to everybody. I started when I was 45. My goal is to be a black belt by the time I’m 50. So you’re never too old and you’re never too young. My son has learned respect. He answers adults with, “Yes sir, no sir, yes ma’am.” His teachers have written notes about his respect. And I think if we lived in a more respectful world, like they teach us at Mile High Karate, a lot of the stuff wouldn’t be happening.

Galene Bruskotter

“I think it’s been a very good thing for them to get involved in, to show confidence and give them something to do that’s a positive influence on them.”

I think it’s been a very good thing for my kids to get involved in, to show confidence and give them something to do that’s a positive influence on them.
My kids enjoy it. It keeps them doing something positive. It would be great for any kid to get into.

Jane Tyler, Littleton School

“It’s taught us how to come out of our shells.”

It’s taught us how to come out of our shells. I used to be very timid, very shy, didn’t like to do things in front of people. It’s helped me a lot more than it’s helped my daughter, I think. My daughter is 10. We just started together. I thought she needed another avenue of discipline. Yes sir, yes ma’am is not a bad thing. Mile High Karate has worked out very well.

Susan Brown

“I think it’s really helped her focus and concentration, both at home, in her homework and in her school work.”

Jessica, age 11. I think it’s really helped her focus and concentration, both at home, in her homework and in her school work. She’s really become self-motivated. She’ll take care of a lot of things on her own that we really had to push her before, as far as getting her homework completed and chores around the house. It’s really given her a lot of discipline and a lot of focus, I think.
I think every child should have at least an opportunity to see what Mile High Karate’s all about. All the positive things that you’d want instilled in your child really, really can come through and be instilled through Mile High Karate. All the positive elements, in self-confidence, in motivation, discipline, all those things. It’s really a great program.

Rick Melcher

“She’s gotten a lot of self-confidence out of it”

Our oldest daughter, she’s 10, and she’s in it. She’s gotten a lot of self-confidence out of it and she’s more sure of herself. If kids tease her at school about something, she just blows it off and it doesn’t bother her anymore like it used to. It makes her confident in herself.

Cheryl Byrum

“We’ve seen him grow tremendously in the past
year here…
We would recommend it before any other school.”

I have a boy, 6 years, his name is Alexander. We consider this school a school. We have him sent to a small, private school in Denver. We wanted him to complement his academic excellence with the excellence of Mile High Karate. And we know that this is probably the largest school in Colorado, Mile High Karate, and one of the best. We’ve not been disappointed. We’ve seen him grow tremendously in the past year here. It develops more so humility. Alexander is very outgoing and extraverted. And being in school here, he’s developed a kind of focused humility. And we’ve seen it and been very proud of it. He’s very outgoing and athletic to begin with. He loves to come to class. He’s a great kicker. There’s a good fraternity here. He gets along with his fellow students and his teachers.

So for us, it’s a complement to his academic schooling. Mile High Karate encourages academic achievement. If he gets a good report card, he gets a gold star on his lapel. I think he’s got 6 or 7 of them now. If he gets a good report card or a progress report, they give him a red stripe, if he does his job list.
So the school pushes the students to achieve well in school, in academics, to be a team worker at home. They’re given job lists. Just to be an all-around good person. And that’s one of the attributes of the school that we love. So for example, for my boy, he’ll be a second-degree black belt in 5 years, just as he’s beginning to make his 12th birthday.

I would recommend Mile High Karate above any other school. They’re asking you to take your child to the highest level of achievement and commitment that that child can make. We look at it as a commitment to excellence.

Russie Catternichio

“It’s such a great program.”

One, he’s a great kid. He has his moments. But when he really thinks about what he’s involved with and what he’s got to do, you can see his karate experience come out in him to handle situations. I’m impressed. He does quite well for an 11-year-old. Hopefully, I’m sure he’ll keep up that good spirit and good attitude that he’s acquired from being involved in karate. It’s been 4+ years now.
Mile High Karate, in my opinion, from what I’ve seen, is one of the best schools in this region. And I’m glad that they’re starting to expand and get more children involved. It’s such a great program.

Ralph Oristanio

“It’s been good for her confidence.”

It’s been good for her confidence. You always have kids at school who are the bullying type, and she knows how to handle it. Not physically, but mentally and the attitude part that she’s learned has helped her learn how to deal with situations, how to be confident and walk away, or to talk to people.
I would recommend it to anybody. I like the people. Like I say, we’re all still getting to know ourselves a little bit. We’re getting to know their philosophies and what they’re trying to teach our children, what’s important to them. And so far, I like it real well. Of course, my main thing is what she feels. She’s happy, she’s enjoying herself, she wants to go, that’s what’s important to me.

Mr. McKneel

It’s fun and I have a good time.
Shana McKneel, Age 10

“I’ve lost 50 pounds the last 6 months”

I have two 5-year-olds and my husband. Jimmy, which is the oldest of the two 5-year-olds, he was a very hyperactive child. And now he’s calmed down. He will listen. Mile High Karate has really calmed him down.
The other one, he had really low self-esteem. And now he’s starting to not let his brother tell him he can’t do things. He’s saying, “Yes, I can. I can do that.” So it’s helping both of them out that way. They’re doing real good.
I’m losing weight. I’ve lost 50 pounds the last 6 months. I’m enjoying it very much. Karate kind of makes me feel a little bit more secure that I’m going to be able to take care of myself if anything weird happens.

Cindy Williams

“I’m very happy with the program.”

To support my granddaughters, Sharika and Jacole, they’re both 8 years old. Jacole is very hyper. Since she started the karate lessons, she’s just been so mellow and she’s really becoming more respectful. Both the girls are enjoying this. I’m very happy with the Mile High Karate program.

Nellie Huff

“My wife and I are so pleased with the fun he’s had.”

I think Zackary gets a lot of confidence. He’s used to getting up in front of people and it doesn’t even seem to phase him. Where myself, I’d be nervous as can be. But he’s got a lot of confidence. And I noticed a lot of eye-hand coordination. It’s improved his eye-hand coordination skills. I think it’s helped him with soccer and baseball and sports. I think it’s working on school. It’s helping him buckle down in school and work harder in school.
I think Mile High Karate makes him a better kid all the way around. My wife and I are so pleased with the fun he’s had. He’s doing it with his mom and it’s kind of a fun thing for both of them to do together. My wife just loves it. I’ve seen a new person. She’s like 10 years younger now because she’s doing karate. So they’re really having fun together doing it. It’s kind of a neat thing for a mom and a son to do. I don’t have time. I always get beat up on.

Mr. Bruskotter

“It’s got them more motivated and more dedicated in what they’re doing”

I have 3 boys, a 15-year-old, a 14-year-old, and a 7-year-old. I think it’s got them more motivated and more dedicated in what they’re doing. It’s pretty much brought them a goal in mind, that they can persevere.
The Instructors are wonderful people. They just have a real focus in mind and get the kids really going.

Mrs. Aberham

“They’re good people and they care about kids.”

My daughter’s 10 years old and she’s an orange belt. She’s kind of shy, kind of quiet. But Stephen Oliver’s Mile High Karate has been really good because she’s learned to compete and get out there and be more vocal, be more outgoing. She’s just having a good time with it. Her instructor’s great. I’m the dean of students at a high school. Mile High Karate’s really good for the community. They participate, do a lot of donations, and all kinds of good stuff.
They’re good people and they care about kids. That’s the main thing. They’re a lot of fun with the kids. They make it fun. My son did karate years ago, it wasn’t with Mile High Karate. He just didn’t have near as much positive reinforcement for what he was doing.

John Delany

“I’d recommend this school without a doubt,
to anyone.”

I have 2 children in this program. Number one, physical activity, flexibility, really good discipline now. All I have to do is kind of threaten with a belt, this belt-type thing, and they just, “I’ll do anything for karate.”
My oldest, now he wants to be an instructor. That’s how much he loves it now. He really, really loves it. His school work is improving, because the can’t go to karate unless his grades are up. So he’s working really, really hard to get his grades up. My youngest one, he’s just keeping his grades up. So it’s great.
I wasn’t going to do it, seriously, for a long time. I didn’t think it looked like a lot of exercise. I’ve been a gymnast, I’ve been an aerobics instructor, I’ve been lots of different things. This is more exercise than you can imagine. I love it. I have so much fun. It’s based on your own ability. They judge you by what you can accomplish, not by what somebody else does. So if you can only kick this high, that’s cool. Or if you can kick this high, it’s cool. It doesn’t matter. But it’s all just getting out there and having a good time.
I’d recommend Mile High Karate without a doubt, to anyone.

Holly Bohlen

“Her focus has really improved a lot.”

I have a 5-year-old. Both of us started together at the same time. We work out together. We practice together.
Her focus has really improved a lot. She was very focused to begin with, but this improved a lot. Her schooling has improved. She is in kindergarten and she likes it really well now. Didn’t know what it was at first, but she’s enjoying it quite good and the daddy/daughter team. She’s really liking it.
I like it good. I joined more for the exercise than anything. It’s because she wanted to join and therefore give us something to do together. I would definitely recommend Mile High Karate.

Tim Stanberry

“He has a lot more responsibility”

My little brother is in it. He’s become a lot more controlled in how he behaves at home and how he respects my parents. He has a lot more responsibility. His homework and stuff he takes more seriously than he did before. He’s grown with the program. As he’s grown with the program, they teach him more along the lines of how to be a good person and how to accept responsibilities and the consequences for things that you don’t do.

Mrs. Churchill

“They make the children responsible for what is
their responsibility.”

They are learning how to take on responsibility, not only for doing their karate but in their house chores and also in their school work, and getting their projects done for school. They make the children responsible for what is their responsibility. The fact that you need to do your homework before karate is up to each individual child to make sure they get that done. You can’t blame it on mom for not doing it. It is very powerful. It’s a great program. We’ve been involved for about 6 months now and we’ve seen a marked improvement, in both our children, in different ways. The Instructors did a good job of making the program clear to us. We’ve been very pleased. They’ve lived up to every commitment they’ve made to us.

Mrs. Kammer

“We’ve done things together as a family in martial arts.”

We joined 12 years ago, when he was only 7 years old. At the time, he was kind of just a typical, timid, quiet 7-year-old. Look at him now. He’s developed a lot of self-esteem from that. He’s developed a lot of confidence.
We work well together. We’ve done things together as a family in martial arts. It’s kept my energy level high, kept me from being a couch potato.
It’s very good for them. When Nick joined Mile High Karate, he was very uncoordinated, very klutzy, very shy, smallest kid in the class. Everybody picked on him. He’s been teaching in the area elementary schools right now, and they can’t believe he’s only 19. And that’s also Mile High Karate, what they’ve taught him.

Ron & Lori French

”His teacher is so impressed with him that she is recommending Mile High Karate to other parents”

As I look upon the past year, I would like to point out that karate has definitely had a positive impact on Chris. Chris started karate a little over a year ago. He was considered to be a "class clown" in first grade. We are friends with the French's and remembered Nick growing up through Mile High Karate and all it did for him. I saw how much it had changed Nick. He was more self-confident and a true leader. A different child than the Nick we remembered years ago. So we decided to give it a try. When Chris was promoted from white belt to gold belt, he proudly took his belt to school to show his first grade class. At each successive promotion, he kept bringing his belt to show his classmates, as well as any trophies and ribbons he won at tournaments. He is so proud of what he has accomplished in this past year. His classmates were amazed at what Chris has done as well.

His first grade teacher was so impressed with how much he has changed, she wrote a letter. Here is an excerpt:

"I wanted to let you know that I have noticed a huge improvement in Christopher Stephens' classroom behavior and schoolwork since he has become active in karate classes. He is staying on task and being less silly or aggressive towards others. --Bonnie Cozine, 1st grade teacher"

His teacher is so impressed with him that she is recommending karate to other parents. Chris is now an aspiring purple belt, heading towards blue. He will take a few more years to get to his black belt, and I have no doubt that he will get there and be a strong leader!

Thank you for all karate has done is such a positive way!

Mike, Diana and Chris Stephens

“I think you know how proud we are of Ben and all his accomplishments - and that we owe so much
of it to karate."

I think you know how proud we are of Ben and all his accomplishments - and that we owe so much of it to karate. We've always said we'd be happy to talk to any parents about the benefits we've seen. Let me remind you of some of "Ben's Story."

In 3rd grade we were told, "Ben would probably NEVER do better than "C" work, and that's okay because a "C" is average." We started him on Ritalin for ADHD and Karate because it's supposed to be good for discipline. The combination was great and his grades started improving. By 5th grade he was getting B's and a few A's. In Middle School his grades were almost all A's and he had the confidence to stand up to bullies. He also had the confidence to stand up in front of the class for any oral presentations. By High School he decided he could do the work without the help of Ritalin. He's a Junior now, his grades have been straight A's all through High School, he's taking Advanced Placement classes, and he's unofficially ranked 3 in a class of 320 (first 6 weeks grading)!

Ben had gone to some community karate classes to start out, but when we decided to get serious we could tell that Stephen Oliver's MHK would teach the character development we wanted - along with the karate – and we haven't been disappointed. . Pick an instructor you respect and just know that your child will grow into an excellent a role model (and good person) as well The education is so much more valuable.

Now Anna is in karate and loves it almost as much as Ben does. It's easier on us, now that we know what to expect, and that's what we'd like to pass on to other parents: relax and enjoy! Your whole family will
gain so much. Thanks a bunch,

Vonne and Larry Keiser

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the positive changes I have seen in my sons and myself since joining Karate.”

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the positive changes I have seen in my sons and myself since joining Karate. My oldest son is now a solid student, and getting better. He no longer gets negative feedback from school, and is eager for me to review his report cards and teacher comments – which have been improving dramatically. My youngest son has new levels of respect, perseverance, energy. While he is just entering school, it is already clear that the Karate instruction is helping him focus on completing tasks. As for me, since joining your school last year, I have lost 45 pounds, improved my endurance, and for the first time in my life ran in, and completed, a 5 mile run!

Again, I attribute all of this to your school and your curriculum! Thank you from the Hubbard family.

Joel M. Hubbard,
Joel - Age 38 - Professional
JJ – Age 11 – Trailblazer Elementary (5th grade)
Maliek Age 5 – Trailblazer Elementary (Kindergarten)